The development will improve the amount of high quality affordable family-sized accommodation in the area. Currently many large houses have become low quality residences of multiple occupation accommodating Southwark’s growing student population.

Through our development we will provide 51 new high quality affordable homes for local people, 70% of which will have three or four bedrooms. Our scheme also provides accommodation tailored specifically for students. Both types of accommodation are much needed in Southwark.

The residential homes will be located at the more private far end of the site, away from East Dulwich station and will be accessed via Melbourne Grove. Residents will benefit from carefully planted pocket parks providing high-quality visual and external amenity.

The plan below shows the layout of a typical floor in the new development, with the residential homes being coloured in green and orange and the student accommodation in blue.

75% of Southwark’s current student population live in houses that were former family homes. The development will provide 361 specialist rooms alongside facilities which meet the needs of modern student living, including a café area, lounges for relaxation and a gym.  By providing dedicated accommodation for students it is anticipated that the houses of multiple occupation they currently live in will become available for families again, providing more family-sized homes in the borough. Students will also benefit from pocket parks and roof gardens.

The design of the building currently follows the language of larger residential developments along the railway, and is broken down into smaller blocks with height variations and physical spacing between buildings to provide visual interest and hierarchy along the railway edge.