Welcome to our website where we are keen to tell you about the changes we have made to our proposed development following months of local consultation. In November we shared our exciting proposals to revitalise the current building merchant’s site next to the railway line in Railway Rise, transforming it into a high quality mixed-use residential and commercial development. We have responded positively to the feedback we have received from local residents and our plans have been improved as a result.

Our scheme still seeks to provide much needed affordable housing, with 51 homes being provided including a large proportion of family sized three and four bedroom units. We will also be catering for the rapidly growing student population in Southwark, on a brown field site that is allocated by the council for redevelopment. Many students currently live in houses which were formerly family homes. Providing new purpose built student accommodation should increase the availability of such larger houses for local families.

To learn how we have amended our proposals with the help of local feedback, please read through our website.  In March 2024 we held two further exhibitions to explain our changes. You can see the exhibition boards by clicking here.  You can give us further feedback by visiting our Have Your Say page. Our survey will be available until Sunday 17th March. 


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